Dr Dermot Williamson talk and lead a discussion about Global Warming on Thursday, 7 December, 7 – 9 pm in St Bride’s Church, Newtonmore. Dr. Dermot Williamson will explain why the world is warming, and why that is existentially important. He will lead a discussion on what we can do to halt global warming. The world since the Industrial Revolution has been warming rapidly, ending the climate stability that allowed us to develop agriculture, build societies and create civilisation. Global warming continues as long as we keep increasing greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, in the atmosphere. If it does continue, many parts of the world may become uninhabitable. There would be mass extinctions of animal and plant species. This is an existential threat to many people and to much of nature. This talk and discussion will show why the United Nations’ climate conference COP28 in Dubai is vitally important. COP28 will be a decision point between tackling the climate crisis, or alternatively locking us into a world deteriorating towards an unliveable future.