In April 2010 the lIberal Democrats pledged to put protecting the environment at the heart of government Nick Clegg said then the next government will be the last that is able to stop "dangerous" climate change.

nick clegg in boat of garten 20110122 1490071935

Nick Clegg in Strathspey on 20 January 2011.

In his maiden speech on 19 May 2005  in Westminster  Danny Alexander said "the current reality of climate change are all too apparent to my constituents, not least because they are highly visible through the fortunes of the Scottish ski industry".

Danny Alexander also used his maiden speech to say: "Clearly, the need to develop the tourist industry further must be accommodated in such a way that it does not at the same time undermine the natural features that attract the visitors in the first place. We must not kill the goose that lays the golden egg".

danny alexander in boat of garten 20110122 1364105893

Danny Alexander in Boat of Garten Village Hall 20 January 2011.