1.       NAME

The name of the group shall be the Badenoch and Strathspey Conservation Group.

2.       OBJECTS

The objects of the group shall be:-

(a)     to stimulate public interest in, and care for, the beauty, history and character of Badenoch & Strathspey

(b)     to encourage active conservation of the area through wise use;

(c)     to encourage high standards of planning and architecture in harmony with the environment.

The group shall pursue these objectives solely by charitable means including:

·         meetings, lectures, publications, conferences and publicity;

·         the promotion of schemes of a charitable nature;

·         drawing issues to the attention of the appropriate bodies; and

·         collaborating with other societies in the area having similar aims.


     Membership shall be open to all who are supportive of the aims of the group.

     There shall be three classes of membership:

·         Full membership - open to persons aged 16 or over living in the area.

·         Associate membership - open to persons aged 16 or over living outwith the area.

·         Junior membership - open to persons aged 15 or under.

 Full and Associate members have voting rights. 

 Junior members have no voting rights.


Subscription for the ensuing year shall be determined annually at the Annual General meeting.   Subscriptions shall be due at the conclusion of the AGM or upon taking up membership.   A member joining after 31st March in any year shall be liable for only half the subscription for that year.   A member in arrears with his subscription may not vote at any meeting.   Membership shall lapse if a subscription remains unpaid six months after it becomes due.


1)       Meetings shall consist of an Annual General meeting (AGM), Ordinary   meetings and Special meetings

2)       The AGM shall be held in November each year.   It shall, in addition to transacting any other competent business:

(a) receive from the treasurer an audited statement of the accounts made  up to 30th September in each year;

(b) determine subscriptions for the ensuing year; and

(c) elect office bearers for the ensuing year.   Nominations for any post of office bearer must be sent in writing to the secretary at least fourteen days before the meeting and must be signed by both the proposer and the seconder and accompanied by the written consent of the nominee.   In the event of their being more than one nominee for a post, election shall be by ballot.

3)       Ordinary meetings shall be held as required with at least four ordinary meetings being held each year.

4)       A Special Meeting shall be called by the secretary upon instructions from the Convener or upon a request made in writing and signed by not less than six Full members.   Notice of the business to be discussed or the terms of any motion to be proposed shall be circulated by the secretary to all members in advance of the meeting.

5)       The quorum for any meeting shall be ten per cent of the membership (rounded up to the next whole number).  However, even if a quorum is present, the convener may, if he considers that the attendance is unrepresentative, decline to put to the meeting any motion other than the one the subject matter of which has been notified in advance to all members.

6)       No motion to revoke or amend a decision taken at a previous meeting  shall be competent unless advance notice thereof has been given either at an intervening meeting or by the procedure described in sub-paragraph 4 above or paragraph 12 below.

7)       Any requirement under this Constitution that notice of a motion be given in advance shall not preclude adoption of the motion in amended form.

8)       Except as provided in paragraph 12 a decision at any meeting may, failing unanimity, be taken by simple majority of members present and voting.   The Convener shall have a deliberative and, in the case of equality, a casting vote.


1.       The groups office bearers shall be a Convener, Vice Convener, Treasurer and Secretary and such others as may be agreed at an AGM.   Office bearers shall be elected annually at the AGM as prescribed in paragraph 5.2© and shall hold office for a year.   retiring office bearers shall be eligible for re-election.

2.       If any office bearer becomes unable to discharge his duties during his term of office the group may at a meeting appoint a substitute to hold office for such a period as the group may determine, not going beyond the next AGM.


Any group meeting shall have the power to appoint such committees as it may determine and to regulate their duties and powers.          


The group shall have the powers to make any appeals, solicit donations and canvass monies for carrying out the objects of the group.


The group shall out of the monies received by it, pay all proper expenses of its administration and management and shall use the residue of such monies as it thinks fit for or towards the objects of the group.


All monies at any time belonging to the group and not required for immediate application for its objectives shall be invested upon such investments, securities or properties


The group may borrow for the objects such monies at such rate of interest and in such a manner as the group thinks fit.


This constitution may be amended by not less than a two-thirds majority vote provided that (a) a draft of any amendment proposed shall have been circulated to all members not less than fourteen days beforehand; and (b) nothing herein contained shall authorise any amendment permitting expenditure of any funds of the group on any object which is not charitable.


In the event of the group being wound up, any available funds shall be transferred to such one or more charitable bodies having objects similar to the groups' as may be chosen by the group.

As amended 12.03.2001