16 April 2010: BSCG thanks all the candidates for participating in the well attended environmental question time and our chairman for ensuring there was lively debate. A spokesperson for the Badenoch & Strathspey Conservation Group that organized the event also commented; “the candidates should have been left in no doubt that issues relating to the environment are important to voters and that we ignore concerns about the environment at our peril”..

Event photos:

general election environmental hustings 20100430 1435395914
From left to right: Ross Durance (UK Independence Party), Donnie Macleod (Green), John Finnie (Scottish National Party), Danny Alexander (Highland Liberal Democrats), David Dean OBE (Chairman), Jim Ferguson (Conservative), George MacDonald (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition), Mike Robb (Scottish Labour Party). Photo: Dr Gus Jones. May be used for reporting event.

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general election environmental hustings 20100430 1908364079
From left to right: Mike Robb (Scottish Labour Party), George MacDonald (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition), Jim Ferguson (Conservative), Danny Alexander (Highland Liberal Democrats), John Finnie (Scottish National Party), Ross Durance (UK Independence Party), Donnie Macleod (Green), David Dean OBE (Chairman). Photo: Roy Brown. May be used for reporting event.

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Danny Alexander, Highland Liberal Democrats www.dannyalexander.org.uk
Ross Durance, UK Independence Party candidates.ukip.org
Jim Ferguson, Conservative www.jim2win.eu
John Finnie, Scottish National Party johnfinnie.snpinsight.com
George MacDonald, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition www.tusc.org.uk
Donnie Macleod, Green higp.scottishgreens.org.uk
Mike Robb, Scottish Labour Party www.mikerobb.org.uk

We are also following all the candidates that have twitters on the BSCG twitter www.twitter.com/bscgscotland